Natal Chart

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Know yourself!

The birth chart is the map of your personality. It shows your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to understand yourself and your life better. On the basis of your birth chart you will find out who you are and how you can use your strengths to their full potential. So you are encouraged to invest a little time for exploring your individual resources. Knowing yourself is the first step to a more successful and happy life!

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Your horoscope analysis is created using the latest software solutions and expert knowledge (texts by A. Cortesi). This analysis will help you understand yourself and your life better.

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    • Who am I?
    • How do I affect the environment?
    • My unconscious desires and needs.
    • My very personal way of thinking and speaking.
    • What type of relationship do I resonate with?
    • my dark side
    • The search for meaning and fulfillment.
    • Lilith – the power of the soul.
    • Chiron the wounded healer.
    • Size: 45 – 50 pages

    If you would like to delve deeper into a topic of your personality or understand your horoscope better, I am happy to be available for you in person. That’s why a credit for 15 free minutes for telephone questions about your horoscope is included.

    Available as:

    PDF – EUR 29.-
    Your natal chart will be delivered straight to your mailbox within one business day.

    Hardcover – Euro 39.-
    Plus EUR 5.00 packaging and shipping costs. Each additional item will be shipped for free.

    Your printed natal chart will be mailed 1-2 business days after receipt of payment. The postal delivery service takes about 2-3 working days.

    Take a look at your stars

    and discover all facets of your personality! You can also order by phone – +43 69912333199 or by e-mail.


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Your natal Chart is is a map of your personality. It shows which talents would like to be further expanded and where there is still something to learn. The personality horoscope is available in two versions:

Persönliches Horoskop, Geburtshoroskop, Persönlichkeitshoroskop, Natal Chart, Birth Chart
Natal Chart Hardcover
  • Folder with stable spiral binding in A4 format.
  • Your advantage: you can read it comfortably on the sofa, because you can fold back the pages without damaging them.
  • Printed on high-quality, read- and environmentally friendly, natural white and wood-free paper.
  • Noble and stable cover with gold effect print. So your horoscope folder is not only informative, but also nice to look at.
  • Clearly divided into chapters!
  • Number of Pages: 40-45

Delivery time: Your order will be sent by post within 1-2 working days after receipt of payment. Experience has shown that the postal route takes 2 – 3 working days.

In both versions, you get your horoscope graphic in color, a table of constellations and a short introduction to the meaning of the zodiac signs, planets and houses. So you can read a bit into the basics of the world of astrology.

Gift Service

If desired, the personality horoscope can also be provided with a personal dedication. Just enter your text in the dedication field. You can also upload an image. This is how the birth- or personality horoscope becomes a very personal gift!

Personality Horoscope – as PDF

Delivery time: Your horoscope will be sent directly to your mailbox as a PDF within one working day after receipt of payment.

You can read it on screen or print it out. If you want to give a personality horoscope as a gift, you can get creative and design a cover sheet yourself. This is how you give the horoscope your personal touch. You only need a spine bar. This allows the sheets to be stapled together quickly and easily and be taken apart again. However this solution is not quite as practical because you cannot turn the pages without folding the pages.

Your horoscope analysis is created using the latest software solution and expert knowledge (A. Cortesi). Of course you can deepen and refine this analysis at any time with a personal consultation.